The MAG Network (“MAGnet”)

Membership Benefits

Company Brand Profile

Included in your membership fee is a one-time Company Brand Profile. As part of this service, our representatives will visit your facilities and compile a company profile that will be made available through our customer website portal. Although every company is unique, a typical company profile will include:

  • Management/Leadership Profile (including photos of key management)
  • Facilities/Capabilities Photos
  • Product Listing (including photos of exemplary products)
  • Business Indicators (e.g. sales, tonnage, etc.)

Your Company Brand Profile will be made available to potential customers that are verified by MAG. The benefits of the MAG Company Brand Profile are that your company’s strengths can be highlighted in a standard format that allows potential customers to quickly understand what makes your company different from others.

Industry Introduction Program

As a MAGnet member you will be eligible to participate in our Industry Introduction Program. The Industry Introduction Program entails pairing you with a Mentor, whom you will retain, and who will guide you through the process of introducing your company to potential customers or partners in the industry.  

Bi-Annual Newsletter

Included in your annual membership is access to the MAG newsletter published bi-annually. What makes the MAG newsletter different from other industry newsletters is that this newsletter  is customized based on questions and needs of MAGnet members. We draw upon experts in the industry to provide insights and guidance of a variety of topics driven by our members. Our customised and tailored approach will provide you with insights not available to non-members.

Discounts on Consulting Services

As a MAGnet member, you will enjoy discounted consulting services from our network of experts in the magnesium industry. This includes tailored consultation on specific issues your company is facing. Discounts from our network of experts can reach as high as 50% depending on the field of expertise.

Future Annual Conventions

As a MAGnet member, you will enjoy a 50% discount on entry fees to future MAG conventions.

How to Apply

Contact today to begin the application process.