Magnesium Applications Group (MAG) specializes in magnesium and we offer a range of consulting and logistic services to support your industrial needs.


Fulfillment Network

MAG is launching the world’s first magnesium fulfillment network for the wrought magnesium industry. We are in the process of establishing fulfillment centers in the US and Europe. The US center will service North and South America. The European center will located in the historic heart of magnesium manufacturing Lombardia, Italy. MAG’s fulfillment network will make available materials that would otherwise seem impossible to find.

MAG’s fulfillment network offers a variety of advantages for your development of new products and testing of new materials. These advantages include:

  • Shortened lead times
  • Small MOQ’s
  • No limits to processors, alloy systems, or territories
  • Low cost and risk of testing new material applications
  • Exotic alloys
  • Plate and bar stock available


Cannot find the right material for your application? We can help. With our extensive experience in the magnesium industry we can guide you to the right material for your unique application. We routinely work with clients employing new technologies and our connections in the industry can help you quickly realize your prototype development.


When you are ready to move to full scale production, we can help. We can handle sourcing from casting to extrusions. Our proven track record of delivering critical components to customers in the automotive, oil & gas, aerospace, and bicycle components is unsurpassed. Contact us today to learn more about how the Magnesium Applications Group can help you achieve your project goals.